Time, and Time again…

The only value we add to time, is what we gather from it.

Time would pass still, though we would not gain from it if we didn’t pay attention and attempted to gather more, to understand more from its passing.

An example will make it clearer.  Say we are managing a two month project.  As the project progresses over the two months, if we don’t try to understand what the project goes through we will have no reason to do any differently or better on our next project.  We wouldn’t have managed this project if we couldn’t benefit from the numerous learnings it could make possible.  If only we looked for them.

To have managed is to have gained from the time we spend in any environment.


3 comments on “Time, and Time again…

  1. The key word may not only be ‘gather’ but ‘grasp’… 🙂

    This word ‘grasp’ is the hungry clawing scratching in the dirt, for a potato or a flower bulb, unsure if it is a crocus or onion. Each might feed us in a different way, ‘grasping’, by the mind, the belly, the eye or the heart. There is something interesting about the elemental drive during any project, its heart is often the learning(s) but usually it is the quick recovery from the failures – which may or may not be considered conscious learnings. Often they are absorbed into the wounds of such an experience and stripped down what we occasionally might reflect on were the people and their resistance tactics, and how we overcame those and mobilised them through our leadership to achieve the end result.

    • Jedii Master says:


      With gather come its senses – accumulate, aggregate, amass, assemble, associate, capture, choose, close with, cluster, collect, concentrate, congregate, converge, cull, garner, pick, unite.

      And to reap!

  2. Srijan Jha says:

    Liking it !

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