Thought that Integrates the Meaning of Everything!

Time has been the subject of discussion and rumination ever since it was conceived by man. From Science to Philosophy, every field has had thinkers who have proposed ways to comprehend and harness Time. We as humans have had time as the one common proviso in our lives, with nature giving all of us the same amount to work with.

Time builds meaning. As time passes, we know of its passing because of the difference it means to us. The most meaningful moments seem to pass so quickly, while something that doesn’t make any sense seems to last forever. Our efforts and struggles are only against what we cannot make sense out of, while what we reflexively respond with happens in a split second.  Time is provided to us to make sense of.

If we have a sense of accomplishment, it is because we understand. When we aren’t able to understand why something happened or didn’t happen, doesn’t it seem that time stands still? Time may not be needed to build understanding, it may be the other way around – understanding may be needed to value time.

It is said – “The best use of a life is to spend it in creating something that will outlast it…”. Our lives need to have meaning… far beyond what we may be able to understand. This is possibly why we feel the need to understand the Mysteries of the Universe, which we may not understand fully, but we have the faith that they are there, and they are bigger than us!


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