How Our Choices Realize Abilities

  1. SWOT for (Abilities) External Realizable Abilities and Environment

While we know the concept and practice of doing SWOTs for various entities, environments, and systems, we must also realize that the driving force comes from our motives and motivation.  Just as important as the skills and competencies are the feelings that drive us, that give us the motivation.

Our beliefs and attitudes are in fact a more important factor in what we achieve, because they exist even before most of the skills and abilities we acquire and develop through our lives.  As such, our attitudes often define which skills and abilities we will acquire and develop.

Lets spend some time and try to understand and articulate the beliefs, attitudes, motives, and feelings that subconsciously drive us to our goals.


  1. ESHF for Internal (Motives) Driving Beliefs and Choices of Response





<what do I Enjoy, and repeatedly do, think about?>

<what do I Suffer, Bear, Tolerate and tend to Avoid, Resist?>





<what do I Hope for?>

<what do I Fear?>

  • What we enjoy, we do more of, becomes the impetus for moving forward.
  • What we suffer we try and avoid, holds us back.
  • What we hope for provides direction.
  • What we fear, we try to circumvent.

Doing an ‘Enjoy-Suffer-Hope-Fear’ (ESHF) will not be as easy as doing a SWOT.  You might find it difficult to identify what you enjoy, suffer, etc., but if you try and think at different levels, you will soon hit the jackpot.

Putting our motives down and in front of ourselves, we gain the power to critically examine them and exercise choices to moderate and modify them, to maximize our prospects of achieving what we truly want.

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